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Wildlife is returning to Sharon, naturalist says

SHARON —  Despite temperatures that dipped to 20 degrees, 20 people ventured boldly out on an Audubon adventure.  On Sunday, Jan. 10, naturalist Jamie Fischer of the White Memorial Conversation Center gave an outdoor lecture on how mammals survive in winter, at the  Sharon Audubon Center.

Despite the chill temperatures, quite a few hardy nature buffs took part in the event, which included an hour-long hike along a trail on Audubon grounds.

“We can see subtle hints of how mammals live in the winter by tracking their prints in the snow,” Fischer said. “From their prints, we can see the strategies of how they survive in winter. Animals can tell us an important story about how wildlife laws and habitat changes can bring back wildlife, which is what has happened in the past 20 years in Sharon.”

As the group followed the prints of several mammal species around the center’s land, Fischer encouraged participants to think like Sherlock Holmes.

“In Sharon, you have everything, from small shrews and mice to moose and coyotes,” he said. “What is so unique about this area is that you have the Taconic mountains juxtaposed with the Berkshire foothills right next to the Hudson Valley area. When it comes down to it, if you learn about mammals, you learn about yourself.”

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