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Webutuck picks Music Warriors logo

WEBUTUCK — Regardless of whether their passion comes alive in the songs they sing, the instruments they play or their hands-on exploration in the classroom, Eric Wiener, a music teacher in the North East (Webutuck) Central School District, sought to create a symbol to represent the music department. Eager to see the Warriors’ love of music represented visually, Wiener approached the Webutuck Board of Education (BOE) via video conference on Monday, May 14, due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the board to hold virtual meetings, and suggested the department adopt an official logo.

Recognizing Wiener and the music department had been working on the project for some time, Superintendent of Schools Raymond Castellani lent his support.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Castellani said. “Many times, you have athletics and athletic teams where we think about team sports. Our music department is its own entity, and they are a team activity, and I thought it was great that Eric and Jay [Bradley] and the music department and Marie [Herow] thought about doing something that would be significant to the music program.”

Casting his mind back a few years, Wiener explained that he branched out into using social media to help present what the music department was doing to a broader audience. Oftentimes, he shared how attendance was small at concerts, and people would use social media to watch them online. 

This past year, Wiener said he had an opportunity to sell T-shirts to help build the school community. Customizing the design, he selected a basic shield logo and added the tag-line, “United by Music,” which he said was “the exact message that I was looking to present.

“The motto, ‘United by Music’ really speaks to its intent and I think that students and adults alike are excited to see it elevated to the official logo of the Webutuck Music Warriors,” Wiener later said.

Wiener also shared later that he had both T-shirts and sweatshirts made with the logo, and that the community’s response was very enthusiastic.

“It really is amazing to see how people respond to a symbol that represents them,” Wiener said, “and this logo is a good example of that.”

Though he said the shirts themselves were great, they could be changed from year to year, if the district wants to do so. But, Wiener told the BOE, “We want to have a symbol that is going to go past that, and that’s going to be used in our web presentation and print and any other kind of sort of swag or bling opportunities that might present themselves to promote the Webutuck Music Warriors and the Webutuck school in general.”

Sharing her enthusiasm for the Webutuck Music Warriors logo, BOE member Nikki Johnson said her children have the T-shirts and “wear them proudly all over the place. It’s something so small, just a logo, you don’t think very much of it, but they get asked about it… and they’re very proud to show it off.

“It’s nice that we have our athletes, who have their jerseys and they get jackets,” she said, “and now our music program, our kids work so hard, so it’s fantastic that they get a little bit of swag to walk around in.”

Fellow BOE member Kristen Panzer agreed.

“It’s a really nice-looking logo,” she said. “I think it just ties in with the look of the school. I think it’s wonderful; I’m so happy that you did this. It’s a great gift to the school.”

The BOE was quick to adopt the logo for the music department.

“I believe it will truly help to unite us, not just in the Webutuck music community but in the wider Webutuck community as well,” Wiener said later on. “We are all Webutuck Warriors, after all.”

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