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An abortion perspective

Let me state, from the outstart, that people are entitled to their beliefs, their wishes, and their emotional responses to what are serious issues. I do have a slight problem with some religious interpretations on scripture which are imposed on others.

Inflation cure? You decide

It seems to me that there are different approaches to the inflationary woes we’re all facing. One is based on the financial institutions making sure their assets and power remains intact. Another way is to build the economy and strength of the workforce.

Families’ food budget woes

The government claims that you can feed a family of five on a low-cost plan for around $300 a week. Yes, a week, and that’s the lowest cost plan. That’s the government’s own estimate nationally (published in July 2022 by the USDA, called Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Three Levels, U.S.


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