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A View From the Edge

AA, AAA — What’s next?

If you’re old enough, you will remember flashlight D or C batteries that would leak after a while. The acid would eat through the casing. Later on, when small penlight, size AA, batteries came along, if you liked your Walkman, you checked them often in case they were leaking, eating through connections and even the plastic case.

Fundamental changes

There is perhaps nothing you need to create so fundamental as a home, a house, a place to live. There is something primitive and basic about construction, from laid stone to wooden beams to roofing to sheetrock and paint — anyone who lives anywhere either knows how their home was built or, indeed, can build and maintain the structure.

Gateway to space

Ever since the dawn of time, when humans go exploring and then expanding into new lands, taking the new frontier in stages has always provided security and helped planning. It is frightening to step into the unknown. But if you take it in stages, establishing safe places before that last push into the wilderness, you are more likely to succeed.


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