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A View From the Edge

New buzz word to learn: UPF

Food and nutrition are being looked at in an entirely new way. It is not so much a case of what’s in your food, but what has been done to it. Here’s a really simple example: In the ‘50s Crisco used to be vegetable lard. Now it is processed vegetable lard, partially hydrogenated (to increase mouth feel and flavor boost).

Apocalypse now?

There is an ongoing discussion around the world — and I listen in to at least four language broadcasts outside of the USA — about whether mankind is about to terminate all life on this planet — sooner or later.

Right before your eyes

Imagine you live in a remote location and stare out at the majesty of nature. In fact, imagine you live in a city and walk through the park every day, enjoying the careful design to emulate nature so perfectly. Now imagine that everything you are looking at may not be as it seems and that serious money is coming to rip it all apart.


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