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Small world — worrying events

They say as you get older, you know more people, have more connections. And, yes, that’s true. What catches up to you, every once in a while, is just how common events and facts may be — so common that you suddenly find yourself knowing so many similar events when you never expected even one.

San Joaquin farmer: ‘This year was bad — next year may be worse’

As any New Englander will tell you — especially farmers — mitigation of risks, avoiding obvious pitfalls of pretending it’ll all be alright on the day, and especially assuming anything when it comes to outside influences (you know the saying… assume makes an “ass out of U and me”) — these are the only ways to keep your business thriving and your

Wind farms — a brief history

Thirty years ago, Denmark was the first country to build offshore wind turbine farms. Fifteen years or more before that wind farms popped up all over America, Texas and California especially. In fact, it was the U.S. Energy Commission in 1975 that asked NASA to come up with a commercial design for wind turbines.


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