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Sin & the Cure: Repentance

One of the lessons in the movie Oppenheimer is that the man – indeed the team of scientists – come to realize that the weapon they had created for good purpose is, in fact the destroyer of their collective (and our nation’s) morality. They had created an ultimate sin.

Genetic adaptation

One of the questions plaguing scientists, especially environmental scientists these days, is how long does it take Mother Nature to adapt to change? How long will an organism take to adapt to a new environment? How long does it take a maple tree to adapt to a 10-degree change in weather patterns?

Bigger (Biggest?) Worry

There is a new trend. It is called global awareness. World’s media companies are increasingly sprinkling news items from beyond our shores, politicians are warning of geopolitical upheavals and perceived enemies of the American way of life, and, always, there are truly evil folks “out there” we have to safeguard against.

We are what we eat

Yes, you may eat a spare rib, but that pig ate, mostly, oilseed product, of which soybeans are 90 percent of all oilseed crops in the USA (sunflower, canola, flax and peanuts make up the rest). Same feedstuffs for cows. Same with sheep (lamb). And, somewhat sadly, farmed fish.

Wildernesses destroyed

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the leader of the capitalist, commercial, world, America, played a heavy hand in allowing a pristine wilderness to be opened up. Under the guise of bringing civilization and commerce to underprivileged people and gaining access to Brazil’s untapped wealth, our senators and Dept.


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