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Operation Warp Speed

Nope, it’s not a “Star Wars” movie about Luke Skywalker defending us from the Galactic Empire, but rather the story of a modern-day hero who organized and assembled a precise and what I consider successful offensive to destroy a brutal invading virus unleashed by a foreign land.

Shame on us

Most of us have added to the ingredients of a cauldron of simmering political, racial and social stew over the past 10 years. A stew mostly overlooked and ignored until it boiled over on Jan. 6, that manifested over the past four years of the Trump administration. That administration’s agenda led to an extreme racial divide. 

The time for change is now

On this post-election morning, I am retiring my worn and tattered American flag, which has served its purpose flying proudly and honorably for more than a year representing freedom and the ideals this nation was founded upon. It is now folded into 13 precise triangles, but it will never be forgotten. 

‘A year to remember’

This year has dealt us a medley of tragedy, hope, despair, optimism, pessimism, distrust, social divide, compassion, caring, hatred, intolerance, suffering and heroism — it’s been an eye opener to the evil that exists in this world. A virus was unleashed upon us from another land, though it denies such charges.

Honoring supreme sacrifice

There are a number of civilian and military oriented organizations out there soliciting funds for various causes. My choice organization is the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, created by Frank Siller to honor his brother Stephen, an off duty FDNY (Fire Department of New York) firefighter who on Sept.

The August Moon

Many of you older folks may remember the 1956 movie, ‘Teahouse of The August Moon,” starring Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford. It was a satire of the U.S. occupation and Americanization  of the island of Okinawa. 


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