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A return to civility and respect?

A couple years back I was walking down a hospital corridor in Rhinebeck wearing a well-used ball cap featuring an American flag logo when a passing woman sarcastically remarked “Make America great again?” I fixed my gaze upon her and replied  “Madam, America has always been great but there’s always room for improvement”.

Morning rituals in May

May Day/May Day; no, not our international distress call, but rather my anxious unknowing thoughts as I sit concealed on a mountainside May day pre-dawn morning wondering what dawn will conjure up on this new day. A heart-pounding adrenalin rush or a tranquil wilderness encounter.

A vibrant awakening

Spring showers, emerging flowers — the awakening and rebirth of a new year. Mother Nature kindly stretching days into evenings. Multi-colored birds offer cheerful choirs of song to announce a new nesting season. Buds slowly unfurling to blossoms. National past-time sports kicking off new seasons. Outdoor activities in towns bustling.

Glory and destiny

I have been following the brutal invasion of Ukraine closely and though defensive support from the U.S. and NATO has been slow walked or denied over the past year, the Ukrainian people and their president Zelenskyy have proven to be fierce patriots fighting overwhelming odds with military might, holding the Russian army at bay. 


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