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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — April 1920

SALISBURY — Mrs. George Belcher of the Journal force has been confined to her home by illness this week.


LIME ROCK — The interior of Rocky Dell Hotel is being repaired.


SALISBURY — The White Hart Inn has received a new coat of white paint and is looking very attractive.


LAKEVILLE — H.W. Timmins has returned to town and has reopened his boating business at the lake for the coming season.


50 years ago — April 1970

Illicit defilement of the lofty beauty of Cathedral Pines, Cornwall, was found by Frank Calhoun recently. Searching through the mess, he found a postcard which clue he turned over to the Nature Conservancy and the dumper was traced and apprehended. He was an 18-year-old Cornwall resident who, having been sent to the town dump with trash, decided to save time by some impromptu dumping. He has been ordered to clean up his mess.


Mrs. Suzie (Warner) Jenssen left Sunday evening on the inaugural flight of the Lufthansa 747 Boeing to Germany. Mrs. Jenssen was one of a comparatively limited group chosen to make this maiden trip. She is the daughter of Mrs. Philip Warner of Salisbury.


SHARON — Mr. and Mrs. John H. Palmer of White Hollow Road are home after a four-month trip through Mexico.


KENT — Last week’s warm temperatures generated two fires by spontaneous combustion, one in Frank McCann’s pole barn, where bales of hay still frozen in the center caught fire, and another at Figure’s Morgan Farm in a pile of straw and manure. On Sunday, Boy Scouts from Norwalk caused a brush fire on the north River Road when they failed to clear an area around their camp fire. Monday’s rain was indeed appreciated by Kent’s volunteer firemen. 


25 years ago — April 1995

Salisbury’s Main Street is no longer home to Three Ravens. Harold and Florie Corbin shut the doors of their antique business of that name April 15 and will soon take flight themselves up the street into retirement in the community of Noble Horizons.


KENT — Eighth grade Kent Center School kids are determined to take their class trip to Boston. They will rent themselves out, at $5 an hour, to rake, bag leaves, work in the yard, babysit, file papers, fetch wood and other chores. Call 927-1450 for reservations.


These items were gathered from The Lakeville Journal archives at Salisbury’s Scoville Memorial Library, keeping the original wording intact.

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