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Turning Back the Pages - February 16

100 years ago — February 1912

LIME ROCK — Mrs. Peter Hines has been suffering for the past week with blood poison in her hand.

Advertisement: P.A. Kisselbrack. Practical house painter. All kinds of inside and outside work done except paper hanging. Lakeville, Conn.

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From Ore Hill

If Pat Francis is a miner is Dave a Taylor?

If Tom Tuto is a shoe maker is Dave a Hatmaker?

If the Hotchkiss boys can not turn the hair-pin, can Peter Turner?

If copper nails are good are silver nails better?

If Ore Hill had an earthquake would Belgo?

If the house was full of smoke would Myron Puff?

If the mine got full of water would John Flood?

If a child fell in the Lake would Edward Fisher?

If Harold Parmlee fell would Sylvester Tripp?

If Ralph Genito went to sleep would Dr. Knapp?

If I am Irish is Fred French?

ORE HILL — Ralph Genito purchased a new horse recently.

Some one of our subscribers sent us a check last week in payment of a subscription and neglected to sign it. It got by us till too late for us to tell who sent it. Its number is 20 and it is drawn on the Robbins Burrall Trust Co. Will the party who sent it to us notify us in order that we may return it to them for their signature.

50 years ago — February 1962

As the Journal goes to press, Dr. Paul Stoddard, Principal of the Housatonic Valley Regional High School, is in very grave condition at the Hartford Hospital following a head-on automobile collision in Norfolk last Sunday noon.

Repeating the results of many former ski jumping meets, Art Tokle of Bear Mountain won the U.S. Eastern title last Sunday at Salisbury with Roy Sherwood of Salisbury coming in second in the Class A event.

25 years ago — February 1987

KENT — Complaints were flying as customers of the Kent Water Co. testified before Department of Public Utility Control officials last week about their water rates. The front room of the Town Hall was filled to capacity Feb. 5 as DPUC Commissioner John Downey and his colleagues listened to several hours of testimony from customers and then cross-examined company owner Guy Mankin.

Taken from decades-old Lakeville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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