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Turning Back The Pages 7-14

75 years ago — July 1936

SALISBURY — Dell McLain and his Cowboy Band played at Pulvers Corner last Saturday evening.

LIME ROCK — Mrs. Edith Stone has assumed the active management of the Lime Rock Lodge which is now open for business.

SALISBURY — Roswell Rudd was considerably scratched and bruised about head and face when he dove into water that was too shallow on Tuesday. His injuries are not serious.

There is only one way to find out what old maids talk about when they get together and that is to attend the convention at the Town Hall Friday evening July 24 at 8 p.m. They have one “all absorbing theme” and what a theme it is.

50 years ago — July 1961

George P. Howard of Hotchkiss School has loaned three rare manuscripts of dramatizations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin for an exhibit at the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.

SALISBURY — Mrs. Howard F. Landon is staying with Mr. and Mrs. George Haas  at the Perkins homestead for the summer.

Guests at the Wake Robin Inn last Monday morning found a listless pigeon sitting on the grass at the Lake’s edge. They fed the bird, who perked up and picked food out of their hands. He had a band on his leg which read #923. This is the third pigeon reported to the Journal. No one seems to know who owns them. Isn’t there a pigeon fancier among Journal readers who could solve the mystery?

25 years ago — July 1986

FALLS VILLAGE — Nancy Woodward and Mark King were married May 31 at the United Methodist Church of Canaan. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Woodward Sr. of Falls Village. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett King of Canaan.

It took seven days to move a 62 by 34 foot house, on Mudge Pond Road in Sharon, about 150 feet. The house and property are owned by Thomas and Anne Casper of Sharon and New York City, and they plan to build another house where this one used to rest. Larmon House Movers of Schuyllersville, N.Y., used an air compressor to lift the house from its foundation and jack it up onto wheels, so it could be pulled on a newly-constructed road. The house now sits on beams, waiting for a foundation to be laid beneath it. One mover said the 100-ton house was a “bigger than average” move.

Taken from decades-old Lake-ville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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