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Town surrenders easement on field back to Keilty

SHARON — A special town meeting was held at Town Hall on Friday, March 2, to determine whether the town should surrender a drainage easement originally granted to Margaret Keilty on March 28, 1980. About 12 people attended the meeting including several media representatives.Selectman John Perotti was elected moderator for the meeting. A motion was made to surrender the easement to Keilty. Perotti asked First Selectman Robert Loucks to give a brief background on the matter.Loucks said the drainage easement was across Keilty’s field, which is on King Hill Road. “Over the years increases in water have occurred because of more work at the hospital, a bigger building, more driveways. And the ditch got bigger and bigger and went beyond what was ever envisioned in the first place. “In 2010 we put in a new drainage system that dumps the water in a swamp behind the sewage treatment plant. There is no need to keep this drainage easement any longer. Margaret has some plans for the field.”Keilty was in attendance. Perotti asked her if the work that Loucks had described has been completed to her satisfaction. “The only thing that has to be done is some regrading and we hope it will be done this year,” she replied.Loucks said it is on the list of projects to be done and assured Keilty the area in question will be graded and reseeded.The motion to surrender the easement to Keilty was approved.

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