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Town hashes out details of landfill maintenance agreement

NORTH EAST — The Town Board recently discussed its maintenance agreement regarding the now defunct municipal landfill. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is now requiring that a deed restriction be placed on that parcel so it would restrict any activity on the landfill cap itself. However, the town wants to specify that it could potentially opt to use other portions of the property not associated with the cap. For instance, in the past there have been talks about using the landfill as a transfer station.Town Engineer Ray Jurkowski was at the Town Board’s business meeting on Thursday, March 8. He spoke about the landfill maintenance agreement, and also survey mapping, that will be required by the DEC.“In reviewing the DEC requirements with respect to the deed restriction, and also survey mapping, they’re very strict with respect to those,” he said. “The map needs to be generated in a site management plan and also has to be prepared and submitted with restrictions as well.”Jurkowski said the DEC wants to make sure the town is “moving along” and that it’s satisfied with the steps the town is taking. “We indicated we anticipate it will take about six to seven weeks from the time the Town Board gives us approval that a formal submission will be made to them,” Jurkowski said. “We’re working with [Attorney to the Town] Warren Replansky as far as the actual language of the easements and the conditions and so forth.”The engineer added that on March 7, 2012, he sent a letter to the town outlining the proposal for performing three basic tasks: drafting the deed restriction language for the easements; completing and filing the survey mapping; and completing and submitting the site management plan.He added that in speaking with the DEC the town was able to reduce the overall survey area to approximately 16 acres out of nearly 33, and that has to do with the area of the cap, venting and the monitoring.“And that will be tied into the project of the survey, so that will save a little money in not having to do the entire area,” he said.Replansky asked if the survey will also demark the area the town is interested in potentially using for a transfer station.Jurkowski responded that it would.“The map will show areas with restrictions and anything outside that area could be used for some other use, including a transfer station,” he said. There were no further questions following the discussion at the Town Board meeting. The board then voted in favor of allowing Jurkowski to provide the necessary correspondence to the DEC.

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