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Tangled Lines

Trout Unlimited’s Scott Ritchie fished as his fellow chapter members heckled him at Beckley Furnace on Saturday, April 16. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan

Grinding it out on the Blackberry

NORTH CANAAN — The Blackberry River is well-stocked and fished hard.

It also has Beckley Furnace, which is Connecticut’s only industrial monument and as such has a couple of picnic tables.

On a pleasant day it’s a nice spot to grab a sandwich and relax.

Your tax dollars at work, in the form of a stocked rainbow trout taken in the Blackberry River. The fish was released unharmed and with first-hand knowledge of why it shouldn’t try to eat panfish poppers. Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan

It’s tackle fondling time!

The snow’s pretty much gone so it’s time for the annual look at tackle fondling.

Let us check out the waders. Do they leak? Why yes, they do. Not so much a large tear in the Space Age breathable fabric, with frigid water gushing in. No, we are talking pinprick leaks, which inevitably develop in even the priciest waders.

Patrick L. Sullivan caught a bass at a private lake that helped him understand why they’re called “largemouth.” Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan

In which the wily trout continue to surprise our fly-fishing expert…

It’s baseball’s All-Star midseason break so let us take a similar look at the fly-fishing season thus far.

Much of the early going was spent on what us professional fly-fishing scribes refer to as “little blue lines” — those thin blue squiggles on the map that may or may not have a name and may or may not hold wild trout.

An old-school bucket hat protects the neck as well as the face on a sweltering day.  Photo by Patrick L. Sullivan

What the well-dressed angler is wearing

Two weeks ago, after a long, chilly, wet “spring,” it suddenly turned into summer. I dutifully folded and stored the flannels and Viyellas and big old Filson wool shirts, and dug out and hung the madras, seersucker, aloha and summery shirts.

Then the temps dropped like a tungsten head nymph tied on a jig hook. Of course.


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