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Strong opinions for and against have been expressed about the Holley Block housing proposal, in illustration above. Illustration from Salisbury Housing Committe

Strongly divided opinions about housing proposal

SALISBURY — The first session of the public hearing on the proposed affordable housing apartment building in Lakeville began on Monday, March 8, with Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Chair Michael Klemens asking each commissioner and alternate if they had already reached a conclusion on the Salisbury Housing Committee’s application; were they willi

Flowers were left under the sign outside The Woodland restaurant in Lakeville on Tuesday, March 9, following the burial of longtime chef/owner Robert Peters, who died of cancer on Thursday, March 4. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Woodland has ‘no plans to close’

LAKEVILLE — The Woodland restaurant will remain open, according to Manager Michelle Lavertue, following the death on Thursday, March 4, of owner/chef Robert Peters.

“We are all mourning the loss of Robert,” she said. “It will take time to transition. But we have no plans to close.”


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