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Salisbury increases Grove pricing

SALISBURY — The Salisbury Board of Selectmen met Monday, May 2, to discuss tax collector refunds, increased town Grove pricing and the resolution for town crew chief Rodney Webb.

First Selectman Curtis Rand began the meeting with a moment of silence, as the board does every year in May,  for those that have made sacrifices in the name of the United States and democracy. Rand noted it felt especially appropriate this year given conflict happening globally.

The board approved of the refunding of $4,181.76, primarily to Salisbury Bank and Trust, in tax refunds. The motion to refund this amount passed without issue and unanimously.

The bulk of the meeting consisted of finishing pricing adjustments suggested by the town Grove for its services. The recommendation to the selectmen was for increases across the board: annual fees for non-residents to $400 from $300; senior citizens to $50 from $25; and residents to $100 from $50. Daily prices would rise to $15 from $10.

The selectmen were reluctant. “I think with increased inflation and everything the majority of stickers are going to be resident stickers,” said Selectman Chris Williams. “I don’t know if we want to double that rate.”

Rand and Selectman Don Mayland agreed with Williams, and Rand proposed the fee for residents be raised to $80 instead. The selectmen agreed, and a motion raising the residential yearly fee to $80, and keeping the remaining increases, passed.

The selectmen drafted and agreed upon an official resolution for town crew chief Rodney Webb, who is retiring this year.

“The Salisbury Board of Selectmen hereby offers our deepest gratitude to Rodney Webb for 44 years of service to the town,” said Rand, reading from the resolution.

The meeting was held online.

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