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Kent April 15, 2021

Salisbury Bank and Trust prepares to fully open new building soon

LAKEVILLE — Salisbury Bank and Trust’s new building at 33 Bissell St. in Lakeville is just about finished. Bank President Rick Cantele showed this reporter around the modern, light and airy building on Friday, April 2.

The site is the former home of The Lakeville Journal. 

Cantele said at first the idea was to renovate the old building. 

But it soon became apparent that a new building was the wiser course of action.

The new building has two floors, is about 15,000 square feet, and cost roughly $4 million.

As Cantele and the reporter entered, a workman was standing on a ladder, fiddling with something.

Bearing left, where The Journal newsroom used to be, the eye beheld a work area with partitions and desks. The latter can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

This area is the call center. Employees Cathy Devoti and Noemi Medina were standing at their stations, fielding calls.

Ultimately, Cantele said, the building will have about 115 employees in it. Right now, between COVID-19 precautions and workers completing the final touches, the building is at one-third capacity.

Many of the employees were working in basements at the bank’s main branch (which is steps away on Bissell Street), and will doubtless appreciate the design of the new 33 Bissell St., with its atrium allowing natural light and pleasant conference and break rooms grouped around it.

Cantele said he hopes to have the building at full capacity by the end of the summer.

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