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Looking for better (and quieter) ways to recycle

SALISBURY — The Transfer Station Recycling Advisory Committee (TRAC) for the Salisbury Sharon Transfer Station addressed the possibility of expanding the pilot program for removing food from the municipal solid waste stream at its meeting Aug. 18 (held online).

Program Chair Barbara Bettigole said any expansion of the program depends on a grant, to be awarded mid-September.

If the grant does not come through, then the committee will have to explore other fundraising options and less costly options for collection and hauling of the collected food waste.

Bettigole said that between May 1, when the pilot program began at the transfer station, and Aug. 8, some 6.6 tons of food waste were diverted.

The committee discussed reports of poor behavior at the transfer station, with some individuals expressing frustration at times when the facility was short-staffed.

“There are always some grumpy people,” Bettigole observed. She suggested the transfer station website be updated regularly, so that if certain services cannot be offered because of a lack of personnel, residents can find out before making a drive.

The committee also discussed an email from a  transfer station neighbor, with a lengthy list of concerns. The top three were: The appearance of the facility from Route 44, particularly mowing and haying; the sound of glass being smashed in the recycling unit, especially on Sunday mornings; and how it can be confirmed that commercial haulers are carrying only garbage collected in Salisbury and Sharon.

No action was taken at the meeting.

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