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The Lakeville Journal welcomes two interns


Sadie Leite

By Anabelle Baum

LAKEVILLE — The Lakeville Journal welcomed Sadie Leite, 19, of Salisbury on June 24 as a summer intern. 

When she’s not in school, Leite lives in Simsbury, Conn., with her parents Richard and Stephanie Leite and her siblings, Petra Leite, a rising freshman at Wesleyan University, and Gavin Leite, a rising sophomore at Simsbury High School. 

She spends most summers with her family at their home in Salisbury, where they have lived for 12 years. 

Leite is an art lover in more ways than one. She pursued the arts throughout her high school career but enjoyed painting most of all. Using her preferred medium of oil paint, she especially enjoyed painting self-portraits and portraits of her family. 

In her freshman year at Tufts University this school year, she was unable to take any art classes despite her best efforts. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and joined her school newspaper, The Tufts Daily, where she became a staff writer for the arts section and found a place to feel at home on campus. 

“I just loved the community,” Leite said when describing her initial impressions of the journalism scene. 

Beyond painting, she has been interested in reading and writing for as long as she can remember and thinks journalism may be a possible career path. However, her passion for journalism stems beyond her reading and writing skills and may be in her genes.

“My grandmother was once a journalist in a time when most women were not, and so she has always been an inspiration.” 

During her internship, Leite is looking forward to writing for the Compass arts and entertainment section to further develop her journalistic skills.


Anabelle Baum

By Sadie Leite

LAKEVILLE — Anabelle Baum, 17, is an intern for The Lakeville Journal for the second summer in a row. She lives in New York City, where she is a rising senior at Trevor Day School. For the past six years, she has spent her summers in Sharon, with parents Eric and Rebecca Baum and younger sister Lizzie Baum, 15, who is a rising sophomore at Trevor.

Baum is interested in the arts section of journalism. She took classes in mixed media and stained glass at her high school for three years and plans to continue with this track in the fall. 

Arts also permeate her home life, as her father is an arts lawyer, and her mother is training to become a botanical artist. Additionally, she is the editor in chief of her school paper, The Trevor Dragon.

With this internship, Baum intends to learn how to be a faster, more concise writer while pursuing subjects pertaining to art.

After her three-week internship, Baum will fill the end of the summer with college visits, preparing to fulfill her future goals of studying writing and journalism in a higher academic setting.

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