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Lake Wononscopomuc in Lakeville is officially frozen, but there are still soft patches. Photo by Don Mayland

The Ice Man declares the lake is frozen

LAKEVILLE — Don Mayland reported “ice in” on Lake Wononscopomuc in Lakeville on Sunday, Jan. 16.

He wrote:

“January is always a strange month and this was no different for calling ‘ice in.”

“There was no sign of ice until the morning of Jan. 12.  Then, the very cold temperature and little wind allowed for a skim of ice to cover the entire lake, with the exception of some open holes in the northwest corner.

“The air temperature then went up a bit the next few days, but the skim stayed.

“The real cold set in on the 14th and 15th, which did the trick.

“So, I am declaring ‘ice in’ as of Jan. 16. However, the holes in the northwest corner have a very thin ice cover at this time.

“Let me give a bit of historical perspective. I took over as the Ice Man in December 2008. The earliest ‘ice in’ calls by me were Dec. 30, 2010, and Dec. 30 2017. I checked the records that were left with me when I took over from Walt Shannon and I see that the earliest ‘ice in’ on record was Dec. 6, 1901.  The latest was Feb. 21, 1950.

“As always, nobody should assume that the ice is safe this early in the season, especially in that northwest corner.”

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