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Changing life in Salisbury due to real estate sales

SALISBURY — At the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Selectmen on Monday, Jan. 4 (on Zoom), First Selectman Curtis Rand and town Comptroller Joe Cleaveland said that Town Hall workers have been “overwhelmed” by the paperwork generated by the unusually high number of house and property sales in 2020. The work load has “exploded,” he said. 

“We need some assistance.”

The plan is to add a full-time administrative assistant to help department heads at Town Hall.

Rand said he was on board, and Selectman Chris Williams added, “I don’t think people realize how much change there’s been in the last six months.” 

Williams said not only are properties changing hands more often, but the new owners want to modify their new properties.

Cleveland said the newcomers also want information in general, and the new administrative assistant will help with upgrading the town website.

Rand wound the meeting up by saying that, in response to complaints about some street lights being too bright, four shades have been ordered.

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