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Royal Parker organized a rally for Black Lives Matter (BLM) on Saturday, July 18, in neighboring Pleasant Valley. He marched with protesters from a Blue Lives Matter group behind him. Parker has organized several peaceful BLM rallies in the village of Millbrook in recent months. Photo by Dave Boccio

Pleasant Valley BLM rally meets resistance, attacks

PLEASANT VALLEY — There have been many protests and marches lately, some local, some far away — all in the name of social justice. The local protests have been mostly peaceful mirroring the kind of behavior expected in small towns and villages in the Hudson Valley.

Though its practice has changed operations in the past several months due to COVID-19, the Millerton Veterinary Practice has been more than happy to welcome the community’s animal companions into its building on Route 44 for their appointments as needed, to see the doctors and vet techs on staff. Photo submitted 

Veterinary practices are open, though cautious

HARLEM VALLEY — As businesses slowly reopen and New Yorkers test the waters to see if they can re-enter society in the months after COVID-19 first swept the nation, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their canine, feline and other four-legged friends have been well taken care of by their local veterinarians during the pandemic.

New York State Senator Sue Serino (R-41) officially announced her breast cancer diagnosis to the public on Sunday, July 12, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining routine health screenings, even though the coronavirus pandemic is taking most of the focus when people think about their health these days. Photo submitted

Sue Serino reveals breast cancer diagnosis: Senator urges keeping up with cancer checks

NEW YORK STATE — Regardless of whether one is bringing a new life into the world, recovering from an unexpected injury or getting a routine health screening, residents may feel anxious checking into the hospital during a global health pandemic.

19th U.S. Congressional District: Millbrook’s Van De Water declared primary winner

NEW YORK STATE — Millbrook resident, lawyer and former Village Trustee and Town Board member Kyle Van De Water has been declared the victor of the Republican primary for the 19th U.S. Congressional District against GOP challenger Ola Hawatmeh, a Poughkeepsie fashion designer, in what was an extremely close race. 

Photo by Colleen B. Reilly

Up in the sky

Photographer Colleen B. Reilly went out in search of the comet known as NEOWISE, which is traversing our night skies right now. After a 40-mile drive to Woodbury, Conn., and a three-hour wait, she was able to capture several photos, including this one that she shared with The Lakeville Journal.


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