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Now that the floats have been removed from the beach at Mudge Pond, a large black bear decided to take a refreshing swim on Nov. 8. Photo by Jim Herity

Bear Watch

Normally when we get photos of bears in the Northwest Corner, there is a meal involved. Most common is the “bear eating seed from a birdfeeder photo.” Second most common is “bear destroying a garbage can.” A distant third place, happily, usually goes to “bear inside a house eating peanut butter cups, flour and fruit preserves.”

Jim Herity sent in a rare photo of a bear swimming across Mudge Pond in Sharon last week. Perhaps even bears worry about their waistlines.

On a less comical note, a homeowner in the center of Lakeville village reported on Sunday morning, Nov. 14, that a bear ripped about a 3-foot diameter hole out of her garage door to get at the garbage cans stored inside.

In particular when there are situations where a bear aggressively crosses the human/wildlife boundary, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection would like to hear about. To report a bear sighting, go online to portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Wildlife/Report-a-Wildlife-Sighting.

— Cynthia Hochswender

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