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Revisiting Medieval Times with A Trip to the Renaissance Fair

Long after they’ve stopped dreaming of dragons, princesses and knights in shining armor, you’ll still find an astonishing number of people willing to revisit medieval times by taking a trip to a Renaissance Fair. Having visited these fairs several times in the last decade, I recommend giving this experience a try at least once in a lifetime.

Housatonic Valley Regional High School student Cyrus Kearney, at left in photo, is joined by Le Gamin owner Robert Arbor in scooping up delicious cold treats at the new Le Gamin ice cream shop. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Not Your Every Day Ice Cream Cone, at Le Gamin

Somehow, nothing that happens at Robert Arbor’s Le Gamin restaurant in Sharon, Conn., is ever ordinary. The elegant French restaurateur manages to give everything he does a little Gallic flip.

While the spongy moths have stopped destroying the tree canopy for this year, it’s a banner year for Red Actea or baneberry.  Collect the seeds to sow in the woods for future flowers. Photo by Dee Salomon

Too Much of a Good Thing? Probably, Yes

A last word, for now at least, on the spongy moths; my friend Spencer asked if the open tree canopy created by the caterpillar destruction had caused a  plant growth spike here. Well, yes, I had noticed that the trees had grown vastly taller than in years past.


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