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Wherever the sun shines through to the woodland floor is where you want to pay particular attention as these are areas where young trees should be growing rather than invasive shrubs and plants. Photo by Dee Salomon

The Over-Under: A Bet On the Future Of the Woods

I had put off writing about my number one issue these days — the drought — hoping that between writing and publishing it would rain. And rain it has; a most beautiful two days of showers.

Posters discovered during the renovation of the Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, Conn., will be the subject of three history talks between September and November. Photo by Jonathan Doster

Long-Lost Posters Bring Life to Local History

The venerable, stone Richardsonian-style Hotchkiss Library of Sharon, Conn., is being renovated and modernized — so the functional parts of the library (books, staff) have moved to temporary quarters at the Herbert Klebes American Legion building, around the corner from the firehouse.

Paul Newman went from professional actor to professional race car driver, and often drove at Lime Rock Park (in cars including Datsuns, Trans Ams and Corvettes). Photo from Lakeville Journal archives

Straight at Lime Rock Park Named in Honor of paul Newman

Corvettes and other vintage race cars were not the only highlights of the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park in Salisbury, Conn., over Labor Day Weekend. There was also the dedication of a section of track to one of Lime Rock’s favorite and most famous drivers, the actor Paul Newman.

What might seem like lush greenery in our surroundings is often actually a choking non-native invasive. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Seeing Is Believing

If, as is said, one can’t see the forest for the trees, might it also sometimes be true that one can’t see the trees for the forest?

A tomato and bacon jam is easy to make and makes a nicely contrasting accompaniment to fritters. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Finding My Way Back to the Kitchen

Two days ago I put my apron on again, after a month of ignoring it. It’s not that I hadn’t cooked; it’s more that I’d done it in a somnolent state, not really paying close enough attention to realize I needed protective gear.

Revisiting Medieval Times with A Trip to the Renaissance Fair

Long after they’ve stopped dreaming of dragons, princesses and knights in shining armor, you’ll still find an astonishing number of people willing to revisit medieval times by taking a trip to a Renaissance Fair. Having visited these fairs several times in the last decade, I recommend giving this experience a try at least once in a lifetime.


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