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Police find ‘drug factory’ in North Canaan

NORTH CANAAN — Two local men were arrested Oct. 5 after state troopers went to their home to serve a warrant related to an incident of domestic violence. They discovered what they referred to as a marijuana-growing operation and drug factory.Resident State Trooper Jim Promotico went to 229 Ashley Falls Road (about a mile from the Troop B barracks) to serve a warrant on Thomas Stanton, 25, of that address, stemming from a Sept. 11 incident on Route 44 in North Canaan. The victim was an unidentified 17-year-old.His twin brother, Wyatt Stanton, also of that address, came to the door and engaged in a brief altercation with police to prevent them from going inside. The residence was secured while a search and seizure warrant was obtained.Trooper Joshua Holcombe and his canine partner, Sig, assisted in gaining entry to the home. Sig located Wyatt Stanton attempting to destroy four or five large marijuana plants growing in an upstairs bedroom.A police report stated they “discovered in plain view that the residence was being used as a marijuana-growing operation and drug factory.” Promotico made a request at court this week to seize the house. It could potentially be auctioned by the state, just as vehicles used in drug sales may be forfeited by the owners. Later that evening, troopers seized substantial evidence, including the contents of a safe containing packets of marijuana, a scale and $1,000. Promotico has the cell phone Thomas Stanton was using, which includes incriminating texts. He is hopeful it will offer more information about local drug trafficking. Promotico said Thomas Stanton has been a suspected drug dealer for about two years.Thomas Stanton arrived during the search and was taken into custody. Anther $1,000 was found on him. An open computer indicated that deals for the sale of cocaine, heroin and marijuana were made using the Facebook social networking site. About 20 cell phones were also found in the house. Some were still in boxes. Promotico said he does not yet know what that is about.Wyatt Stanton was charged with interfering with police officers and tampering with evidence. Bond was set at $2,500. He is to appear in Bantam Superior Court Oct. 17.Thomas Stanton was charged with disorderly conduct and assault relative to the Sept. 11 incident. Bond was set at $1,500. He was to appear in Bantam Superior Court Oct. 6.Arrests are pending in relation to the drug manufacturing.

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