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In appreciation: Mark Niedhammer

Mark Niedhammer and I went to high school together in upstate New York. Somehow we both ended up in Salisbury.

Our paths did not cross until about 30 years after our youthful days in high school.

A solicitation from our school ended up in my post box, which was addressed to Mark. We connected after that and gleefully reminisced … That long-ago familiar bond brought us together every time our paths crossed.

When I went into The Lakeville Journal office, Mark’s greeting was as pleasant and warm as if we were long-lost cousins.

At the transfer station booth, he would give me the thumbs up greeting with a wide grin and a tip of his hat.

It was these simple gestures from Mark that made you feel very special, and that feeling stayed with you longer than you expected.

I will miss that wonderful warm personality that I stumbled across several decades ago.

Bill Willis


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