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In Appreciation: Josh Wilkinson

As the song goes, “Only the good die young.”

I cannot seem to get Josh out of my head since he left us last week.

Why is this? Josh worked with me since he was a young boy, along with my son, Matt; they were best friends. I always say “work with” and not work for; I never liked the term “work for”— I feel we all worked together, we just had different positions within the company.

Although Josh had health complications, you would not know this. He worked every day to the best of his ability. He was never afraid to “take the bull by the horns” and do the task at hand.

He was devoted not only to his family, but also his friends. His heart was bigger than life, and was there for whatever anybody needed. He helped me personally many times.

He would come to work early and stop in my office to talk over the local gossip while eating a bag of chips, and wash them down with a soft drink.  Josh, i would say, you should lay off that stuff. Yeah, yeah, while he was peeling open a Slim Jim. Josh did it his way, and was happy with the way he lived his life.

I miss him already, although recently I have not seen him as much as I used to. That shows the kind of impression he left on people; he was just a great guy.

Josh, I know you deeply cared for your family. I am sure your boys will grow up to be responsible young men, following in their dad’s footsteps, protecting their mom and grandma.

I cherish the time we had knowing and working with each other, and wish I could thank you for being you, to your face.

Until we meet again. 

Don Hosier


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