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In appreciation: Ann Arensberg

We first met Ann Arensberg at a stodgy gathering which included several impressive people who impressed us as being very impressed with themselves.

Of all these people, Ann was the one who, as a National Book Award winner, had the best reason to be pretentious.

And she had zero pretense about her. She never did.

Ann was erudite and earthy, profound and profane … frequently in the course of one visit. And she had a laugh that could be heard across a room.

The thing about Ann is she was interested in everything and would interrogate anyone about their lives, jobs, politics, literature, fashion or history … and, frequently, she might enjoy a bit of gossip. It is what made her such a remarkable writer and, more importantly, such damn good company. We loved her tremendously … and we’ll miss her terribly.

Richard Schlesinger and John Guenther

West Cornwall

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