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In appreciation: Ann Arensberg

I can still hear Ann’s raucous laugh. She was always laughing at something and making you laugh, too.

Ann Arensberg and Dick Grossman were a dazzling couple, consummate hosts and guests. (Dick was publisher of books my husband, Donald, wrote with Ralph Nader.)

They were generous contributors to our community, and Ann was selfless in helping other writers, including me.

She was the epitome of style, looking glam even in jeans meeting you for pancakes at O’Hara’s Landing.

Ann’s unique style came through on the page. She perfectly captured the zeitgeist of marriages, small towns, and friendships, winning her a National Book Award.

She was not a screen person. She didn’t like computers, though she’d submitted to using one. I was appalled when she told me she made appointments at Visionary to open new file folders. But her resistance to virtual existence accounted for one of many enjoyments of being with her, making her fully present with you, as if in that moment you were the person she most cared about in the world.

Missing Ann as I write this, I go to my book shelf and how grateful I am she is still with us on the page.

Helen Klein Ross


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