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Heavy usage leads to an unkempt transfer station

NORTH CANAAN —Increased volume of usage of the North Canaan transfer station and the resulting pressures on the crew’s time has created some aesthetic challenges. 

They were discussed by the Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 13.

Selectman Craig Whiting reported on unkempt, unattractive conditions at the station and called on the selectmen to work with the crew to find remedies.

An example of the situation at the transfer station, described by First Selectman Charlie Perotti, is that discarded refrigerators containing freon are only being picked up by a single company these days and pick-ups are not keeping up with drop-offs.

A stricter system for enforcement of the permit requirement was seen by the selectmen as an immediate need that could help with the problems.

State-town lease partnerships

The selectmen engaged in a long discussion of leases negotiated with the state, one of which had expired without renewal. The first step will be to determine the facts surrounding the expiration of the leases and to determine insurance and liability responsibilities.  

Two leases are involved. One is the Greenway lease, which includes the disc golf enterprise. 

The Beckley Furnace property has two leases, one with the town and another with the state. 

The now-expired Greenway lease is with the state Department of Transportation (DOT), leading the selectmen to agree to invite a DOT representative to attend a future selectmen’s meeting to resolve that issue.  

The town has a lease in effect until 2039 with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for the Beckley Furnace property,; but a separate organization, Friends of the Beckley Furnace, needs definition of its current lease status. That too will be resolved at a future selectmen’s meeting.

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