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Students tell BOE their concerns about education in town, region

KENT — Two students who live in Kent and attend Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS) were invited to speak to Board of Education members at their March 1 meeting. HVRHS seniors Kathy Worthington and Makayla Feuhr talked about how well they feel their education at Kent Center School (KCS)prepared them for high school, and they also shared their assessments of the high school.Both students felt there are serious issues at both schools which need to be addressed. “There needs to be better communication between the high school science teachers and and the teachers at Kent Center,” Worthington said.She did not believe she was sufficiently prepared to take advantage of high school science courses and feels that input from the high school science teachers could be of value to the Kent Center science teachers.Worthington suggested KCS train students to participate in and hold science fairs as part of their preparation for high school science courses.“HVRHS needs to do a better job of adding advanced placement [AP] science classes,” Feuhr said. According to the students, a biology course is the only available science AP course at Housatonic. “These days college applications without AP course credits seriously limit a student’s higher education opportunities,” Worthington said.“Some teachers do not enforce the idea of students going on to college,” she added. “All teachers should encourage their students to pursue a college education. I know not all high school students go on to college. But perhaps with some emphasis on the importance of college, more students would.”Worthington said she also felt unprepared for high school history. “The Kent Center history department has to do a better job of preparing us for high school history courses.”On the positive side, Feuhr said that, “One of the things that Housatonic offers is the career center. It helped me prepare for college. I had a full list of colleges to apply to along with what I wanted to major in. Robin Beaujon, who works in the career center, really helped me focus on college applications. This took a great deal of stress off me and allowed me to concentrate on the AP classes I needed.”Speaking about other benefits at Housatonic, Feuhr praised the learning lab.“I love the learning lab. It offers a great way for kids to get extra help without having to stay after school. They help you to improve yourself.”When Board of Education Chairman Tracy Horosky asked the two students to give a grade to Housatonic, Worthington said she would have to give the high school a C; Feuhr gave it a B.The words of these young women caught the attention of all the Board of Education members at the meeting, all of whom were taking extensive notes. At the end of the presentation, Horosky and other board members, thanked the students for their input. One board member said, “I have never before taken so many notes at a board meeting.”

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