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Letters to the Editor March 1, 2012

Current market value?I have been searching for a house in the town of North East for a while now and the article in The Millerton News that the recently completed “Reassessment Project… reflects the current market value” of the property must be inaccurate. I know this because I have shopped for properties and have used the Dutchess County Parcel Access website to evaluate each property. I believe [Assessor Katherine] Johnson is doing a fine job within the limits of required laws and regulations as she obtained the reval aid of over $8,000, but now the public should stand up and complain to the village, town and county that properties are just not worth what is in the assessment roll. Let me provide an example: the property located at 73 Rudd Pond Road is assessed for $227,400. Yet this 2.8-acre lot has an unlivable house (it virtually has no roof, is riddled with extensive mold, has an underground fuel tank that is an environmental hazard and many more problems). This house would likely have to be torn down and rebuilt to have a market value of $227,400. How is this house assessed so high? The land is likely assessed appropriately at $94,700 — but even this seems excessive for 2.8 acres. This is just one example — I can provide several more. I am certain I am not the only one who has noticed this as The Millerton News reported Mr. Perotti’s land auction did not attract buyers that would offer current market value. I would suggest this means the market value has declined further and those who are selling expect too much for their property. As Chip Barrett was quoted in The Millerton News, “You used to be able to sell land for whatever you wanted. Now you can’t give it away.”In my opinion, if the actual property values were assessed, then the tax base would decline and the government would have to cut projects/programs — cuts that should be in progress now. If the residents of the town of North East and village of Millerton accept this assessment roll at face value we will continue to pay exorbitant and inappropriate taxes. Although we all would like our properties to be worth millions, a fair and equitable assessment of property values will help our economy recover more quickly.Bob CuddebackMillertonHelpful ‘angels’ after sidewalk fallI would like to report that there was a happy outcome of my fall on Thursday, Feb. 23. I took a tumble outside Irving Farm caused by a hole in the sidewalk that should have been repaired.I understand the hole had been previously reported by the owner of Irving Farm. I would like to extend a special thanks to the “angels” that helped me up, stopped the bleeding and waited until I got a ride to the hospital.I am fortunate to just have a “shiner” and a sprained ankle. This could have been a disaster. I hope this will serve as a wake-up call for the village of Millerton to monitor the conditions of the sidewalks in a more timely fashion.Mona Staaf-GuntherMillertonPick up after yourselfLast Thursday, unable to stand the sight of trash on a pretty country road, I enlisted the help of a friend. Together we drove up Perrys Corners Road between Route 22 and Morse Hill Road and picked up five garbage bags of trash (one so heavy I could not lift it into the dumpster). There were paper cups, beer cans, soda bottles, drink containers with straw still attached, and even small liquor bottles and small bags of household trash.Yesterday I drove the same route and found new litter.Who on Earth is doing this?Diana H. KingAmeniaNext breakfast is March 18On Sunday, Feb. 19, the Amenia Fire Company held its monthly pancake breakfast. We were happy to have a crowd of 217 customers. We rely on the breakfast to raise much-needed money for general operations and we much appreciate the support of the community.Thanks to all who attended our meal and we hope to see you all again on Sunday, March 18, from 7:30 to 11 a.m. at the firehouse.Andy Murphy, on behalf of the breakfast committeeAmenia Fire Company & AuxiliaryAmenia

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