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Harlem Wizards score big in Millbrook

MILLBROOK — Slam-dunks, trick hoops and alley-oops took over the Millbrook High School gym as the Harlem Wizards basketball team returned to entertain the district. The Harlem Wizards have drawn large crowds from the Millbrook community in years prior and did so again this year. Students of Millbrook Central School District had the chance to see their favorite teachers play against the Wizards on the courts.“That’s what I think the best part is that the Wizards pick on their opponents a lot and it happens to be our teachers and the students love seeing the teachers get made fun of,” said Shawn Stoliker, varsity volleyball coach and physical education teacher at the high school. “The Wizards put on a great show, a lot of trick shots and things like that.”The Millbrook Central School District faculty members were good sports as the Harlem Wizards picked on them throughout the game, and the students really enjoyed it. During halftime the Northern Dutchess Raiders Cheerleaders and the Millbrook High School cheerleaders both gave performances. The Harlem Wizards also took children from the audience and played a game with them allowing them to win prizes. The night was a big success as parents and children left with smiles on their faces.The Harlem Wizards have been coming to Millbrook High School for five years thanks to the Millbrook Sports Boosters and Millbrook Volleyball program. In the last three years the volleyball program has run the event.“Volleyball organizes the whole thing I have volleyball parents that have been the contacts with the Wizards,” Stoliker said. “They organize the players on my team and the junior varsity team to help out and run the concession stands. We are the ones selling the tickets, taking the tickets, and everything that goes on tonight has basically been put on by the volleyball program.”Tickets to see The Harlem Wizards were sold in advance and at the door. All money raised from the event goes to the Millbrook Sports Boosters and the volleyball team. The purpose of the Millbrook Sports Boosters is to help uplift the community and help the high school sports program where it is needed.The president of the Millbrook Sports Boosters is Anne-Marie Digman. She explained why she thinks the Harlem Wizards event is always so successful. “It’s a great way for the community to interact and see the high school that their kids will be going to, especially for the younger children,” said Digman. “It’s just a great fun night for the whole family. The children love it, the faculty enjoy playing and we really enjoy putting it on and everybody goes away thinking that it was so much fun.”

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