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Middle school jumps high for hearts

MILLBROOK — Students of Millbrook Middle School jumped high for Jump Rope for Heart on Thursday, Feb. 23. In the middle school gym students were ready to have fun and get some exercise, all while raising awareness for the national fundraising program, which teaches young children about community service, healthy living and physical activity.“I take a few minute from a couple of PE classes to explain the process and reasons to get involved in our community service fundraiser,” said Joseph Carbone, physical education teacher at Millbrook Middle School. “It is completely optional for students to get involved. This year we had over 80 students out of 300 involved. In past years we have had over 100.”Students of the district could raise anywhere from $1 to $450, depending on the child, said Carbone. Carbone first brought Jump Rope for Heart to the Millbrook School District nine years ago. He originally brought it to Alden Place Elementary School, now it’s at the Millbrook Middle School. Millbrook has already raised $60,500 in the years Carbone has been involved. This year Millbrook raised $3,200 and counting for Jump Rope for Heart. Carbone said he receives positive responses from the district and the community and his students get personally involved by going above and beyond to raise awareness through making posters and website pages to help the cause. Thursday afternoon Carbone filled the Millbrook Middle School gym with balloons, jump ropes and prizes. He has students jump rope and stop for 45 minutes playing music and giving out healthy snacks all in celebration of their hard work. Also, students were able to win prizes for their accomplishments. Carbone said he hopes students get a sense that they made a difference in their community by volunteering for a worthy cause. “I hope to create responsible citizens that give back,” said Carbone. “Today our society is lacking that. Secondly and sadly enough education and teaching today is about the test, data, test and data. I love being able to teach life lessons of community service and staying healthy through exercise. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find that on any state assessment.”

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