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North East gets reval aid from state

NORTH EAST — Although the town’s reassessment project may not have been especially popular with all residents, town Supervisor John Merwin made an announcement at the Town Board’s meeting on Thursday, Feb. 9, that might have softened the blow.“Our municipality is getting aid for the reval,” he told the board and those in the audience. “I want to commend the assessor [for her work]. The financial assistance will help maintain equity [among all properties in North East].”According to a report Assessor Katherine Johnson submitted to the board that night, the town was successful in its goal of bringing all properties to 100 percent of their value. In doing so the town became eligible for reimbursement from the state, to the tune of $5 per parcel.“We have received confirmation that our reassessment project has met all the requirements to qualify for reassessment aid,” Johnson informed the board. “We will be receiving $8,895.”The state’s Department of Taxation and Finance’s Office of Real Property Tax Services has already sent the payment to the town. The aid was based on a parcel count of 1,779, which the state “extracted from the [town’s] 2011 final assessment roll file ... [and] reflects the current market value.”The town’s accomplishment in reaching full equity was praised by John Wolham, regional director of the Office of Real Property Tax Services.“Such efforts are essential to guarantee equity and fairness to the taxpayers of your municipality,” he stated. “This financial assistance will help your assessor to continue to maintain the equity evidenced on the 2011 final assessment roll.”Merwin noted that maintaining 100 percent equity is part of a “multi-year plan,” and that in order to continue to be eligible for aid the town must continue to comply with the state’s guidelines for its Aid for Cyclical Reassessments program.Wolham elaborated on the requisite guidelines.“The plan includes conducting a reappraisal in the first and last year at 100 percent of market value and meeting the standards set for quality assessment administration,” he explained, adding the program is a multi-year plan that North East signed on to before undertaking the reassessment project. In the meantime, Wolham also recommended that all state aid received for real property tax administration be recorded in the general government account A3040: for state aid and real property tax administration.ExemptionsIn other matters, the assessor also wanted to remind residents in the town of North East that all new and renewal exemption applications are due by Thursday, March 1. Johnson stressed that March 1 is the “submit by” date and not the “postmarked by” date.“All exemptions that are income-based must be renewed annually,” she stated. Annual exemptions include: Enhanced STAR; senior exemptions and agricultural exemptions. “As a courtesy we mailed our renewal applications to all current exemptions holders in November,” added Johnson, who also mentioned that others seeking exemptions can pick up applications at the assessor’s office in Town Hall, at 19 North Maple Ave., Millerton. For more information call 518-789-3657.

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