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New tarps in store for KML book sale tables

KENT — The Kent Memorial Library requested a $5,000 grant from the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to purchase new tarps to cover the book tables left outdoors during the annual warm-weather book sale. Tarps are used to cover the book tables at night and in rainy weather.According to First Selectman Bruce Adams, “The current old tarps are commonly referred to as ‘body bags on Main Street’.”The library reported to Adams that the new tarps would not only improve the look of the covered book tables, they would also be easier to put on and remove from the tables — and they could even increase book sale revenues.The tarps now being used are so cumbersome that revenues are lost because tables remain covered if there is even the possibility of rain showers. Adams said newer tarps use a better technology for both quickly securing them to the tables and removing them. It was pointed out that even if the BOS approves the grant, it will have to be approved by the Board of Finance and that grant money would not be available until July 1.The library needs to go ahead with this project now because the supplier, in Brookfield, Conn., primarily makes boat sails and can complete the project at a lower cost before the boating season begins.Adams said if the grant is approved, the library would contract with the supplier now and pay for the new higher-tech tarps out of their current operating budget with the understanding the grant money would not be forthcoming unless approved by the Board of Finance.A motion to grant the library $5,000 for new tarps was approved by the selectmen, pending finance board approval.

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