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Brush fire sweeps Millbrook property

MILLBROOK — The Millbrook Hook and Ladder Company Engine No. 1 responded to a brush and grass fire on a property on Oak Summit Road at 10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 13. It took 20 minutes to put out the fire, which burned a little less than an acre. In addition to the Millbrook department, the trans-care ambulance, fire departments from Union Vale and Washington all responded. Millbrook’s Chief Ted Bownes said the Millbrook fire department was back in the firehouse before 11 a.m. Bownes said no one was injured and no structures were damaged by the blaze. The fire was reportedly started by a homeowner who had been burning brush on his property. Bownes said it’s important for people to take the weather into consideration before burning brush, because despite the fact that it’s cold and damp, it’s still very dry and not a good time to burn. Also, on a day as windy as Monday flames can spread quickly.“You have to be careful with burning brush piles even through a lot of places don’t require burn permits anymore,” Bownes said. “The state Department of Environment Conservation [DEC] changed its regulations a couple of years ago. It’s important for homeowners to understand what the regulations are and whether their area requires a permit. People have to exercise a little common sense in regards to wind and weather conditions when they burn brush. This time of year it’s permitted, but March 15 through May 15 it’s not allowed.”

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