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Democratic caucus puts forth candidates

MILLERTON — Incumbent Trustees Debbie Middlebrook and Yosh Schulman both received the Democratic nominations for the two upcoming positions on the Village Board at the Democratic caucus.They are both currently completing two-year terms with the board and have decided to run again.“Last time we were cross-endorsed by both parties. While that was an honor, it is nice that the Republicans have candidates this year. It gives the voters a choice, and that is really the heart of democracy,” Middlebrook said.“I think it really energizes the voters to get involved,” Schulman said. “In a smaller community it really comes down to one voice, one vote. I’m hoping it will draw attention to the issues and inspire voters.”Middlebrook and Schulman both agree they have a great chemistry with the board as it is and would like to continue working together.“The current board works well together. It’s not a bipartisan thing. We’re working as a team to solve issues,” Middlebrook said.“We’ve been very productive in working on and passing initiatives that have helped the community. We may not always agree, but we have a very positive and constructive board right now,” Schulman said.Middlebrook, a Millerton native who moved away from the area, found upon her return that she wanted to become involved with how the village was growing.“I saw what urban sprawl can do to a community. I knew I wanted to help Millerton grow in healthy ways that will preserve the charm for generations to come,” she said.Schulman is also concerned about the future.“There’s a lot that we can do to make the community better, and I’m really focused on initiatives that are responsible and take the environment into account. I try to stay forward thinking on the issues,” he said.Both incumbents are also excited at the opportunity to continue working together.“Yosh thinks outside the box, and we really appreciate that on the board. He’s very innovative and really a great asset to the village,” Middlebrook said.“The board is really positive and enjoyable right now. I’d like to see that continue. We have some great ideas and things currently in the works that I would really like to follow through on,” Schulman said.Middlebrook and Schulman will be running against Republican nominees Dave McGhee and John “Jack” Thomas.The village election will be held on Tuesday, March 20.

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