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Pinewood Derby tears up the track at NCCC

WINSTED — It was all about racing thrills and high speed at the annual Pinewood Derby held by local Cub Scout Pack 27 at Northwest Central Community College’s Greenwoods Hall on Saturday, Jan. 28.The race is a Cub Scout tradition that was started in 1953 and has been passed along for many generations.To participate in the race, a Cub Scout must make a derby car out of a block of pine, four plastic wheels and four nails.The car itself can be designed in any way but it must not exceed 5 ounces in weight.The cars are all raced, three at a time, on a specially designed wooden track. The non-motorized vehicles employ gravity and aerodynamics to compete against each other in races that take just a few seconds to complete.At Saturday’s event, Cub Scouts designed their cars in a variety of colorful ways.Some looked like race cars, while others resembled classic hot rods.One scout designed his car to look like the “General Lee” from the old “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show, while another made his up to look like a Winchester Police Department car.Organizer Jim Savanella said the Winsted Cub Scout pack has been holding their Pinewood Derby races “since forever”.“These races teach scouts about teamwork,” Savanella said. “Usually, parents help their children build the cars, which makes this into a family event. It also teaches them to respect their fellow participants.”Cubmaster Donovan Brown said there are plenty of tricks to making a Pinewood Derby car go fast.“It’s all about putting weight in the back,” Brown said. “We have a good pack where lots of parents help out and are willing to participate.In the end, Howard Mastroberti was named champion with the fastest Pinewood Derby car.“What’s my secret? My dad helped me!” Howard said.Overall results: first place, Howard Mastroberti; second Place, Hunter Rego; third place, Augustus Pac.Howard’s Pinewood Derby car had the fastest lap time of 2.497 seconds, while Hunter’s Pinewood Derby car’s fastest time was 2.522 seconds. Augustus’ Pinewood Derby car had the fastest lap time of 2.520 seconds. While Augustus’s car had a faster lap time than Hunter’s car, Cubmaster Donovan Brown said the winners were determined by averaging the lap time between three separate races.Tigers class: first place, Ewan Oakes Rogers; second place, Heru Dihaan; third place, Cece Mumia.Wolves class: first place, Cole Brown; second place, James LaRosa; third place, Eric Denning. Bears class: first place, Connor Rego; second place, Aaron Webb; third place, Jayden Blais.Weblos I class: first place, Howard Mastroberti; second place, Nathan Sterry; third place, Gregory Odowd.Weblos II class: first place, Hunter Rego; second place, Augustus Pac; third place, Donovan Brown.

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