Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 9-12-19

Hermans a good candidate

Last night, when I heard Dick Hermans talk about why he is running for a seat on the Dutchess County Legislature (from the district made up of North East, Pine Plains, Milan and Stanford), I realized how fortunate we would be if he became our representative.

Dick is a lifelong resident of our district, having lived or worked in every one of our four towns. For the past 40 years he has been an owner and operator of Oblong Books & Music, a truly outstanding resource in Millerton. 

He also has been a cofounder of the Millerton Business Alliance, a co-founder and chairman of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association, a member of the Pine Plains Planning Board, a member of the Pine Plains school board and a director of the Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse. It would be hard to find someone who has devoted himself more fully for the good of our community.

When he talked last night, Dick expressed a deep understanding of the needs of our businessmen and of our farmers, as well as of other important community issues, including education, roads, transportation, jobs, tourism and housing. 

He made it clear that he is prepared to work hard in the Legislature to increase funding from the county to our towns, and in a variety of ways to make things better for all of our residents.

I hope that a great many of us will work for Dick’s campaign, donate to it, and, of course, vote for Dick in November. It will serve the best interests of all of us if he gets elected.

Cavin P. Leeman, M.D.



The many lives of Stissing Center

The Stissing Center held its open house on Aug. 31, and it was wonderful to see it take on another life. Again a community center for our town.

At 77, I have seen many iterations of Memorial Hall. My first visit was at the movie “Bambi” at 7 with my two older sisters. The film scared the “bejesus” out of me, but during the ‘40s and ‘50s I returned to many wonderful movies and often to events in the basement from dinners to sports awards, to a weekend youth center.

For years it was the main social focus for the town.

In the ‘70s the Bartolomeo brothers tried to make it a focus once again for our community and they gave it a great try, I bet losing money in the process.

I am grateful to Jack and Irene Banning for their commitment and courage to bring the center back to life for our community. It’s beautifully done and when you see them about town (Peck’s Market is a good start) thank them for restoring a centerpiece of their town and ours.

Barry Chase

Pine Plains