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Off-kilter but exciting start to ski jump season

SALISBURY — Despite the uncooperative weather, the Salisbury Winter Sports Association pulled off a two-day ski jumping competition and winter carnival Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 28-29.The featured event was the Alpine ski jumping Sunday, won by Tim Magill of Steamboat, Colo.In Alpine ski jumping, also known as Gelande, the jumpers use regular downhill skiing equipment, and they do not make use of the tracks on the tower ramp that guide ski jumpers in regular competition into the middle of the landing hill. So anything can happen. Magill, the eventual winner, had a somewhat wobbly looking jump in the first round, in fact.The weather leading up to the weekend was about as non-conducive to snow making as possible, and there was some discussion of skipping the smaller hill for the children’s competition Saturday. But late Friday evening (into Saturday morning) the snow-making crew, having finished the main hill, decided to keep going.A new event, the human dog sled race, had seven teams entered. The course, though short, was tricky, and the teams had difficulties negotiating the turns. One contestant injured her foot and required medical attention.SWSA’s annual Jumpfest event will be held Feb. 10 to 12. For more information on all SWSA events, visit www.jumpfest.org or check the Jumpfest supplement in this issue.

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