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Danehy: Irene did $80,000 in damage

WINSTED — The impact of Hurricane Irene, which hit the area in late August, may have been much more costly to the area than previously thought.At a Board of Education meeting on Thursday, Jan. 5, Superintendent of Schools Thomas Danehy revealed that Hinsdale Elementary School suffered $80,000 in building damages because of the hurricane.According to Danehy, the storm damages all occurred due to intensive flood waters.After the hurricane, members of the Winsted Fire Department were seen furiously pumping water out of the building.Danehy said that the floor in the gymnasium was damaged due to flooding.He said the district had to undertake an extensive clean up of water from the flood that was all through the school’s floors and hallways.Added to the flood-related damage was the school building’s mold problem, which was discovered in October.In an interview after the meeting, Superintendent Danehy said the gymnasium floor has been repaired and is back to full use.He said that the most recent test results for mold in the building have come back showing normal levels.In December, the school district posted mold test results for Hinsdale School on their website at www.winchesterschools.org.The test, which was conducted in late November by Mystic Air Quality Consultants of Groton, showed that the mold count in the building was within normal range.As for paying for the damages, Danehy said the school district’s insurance company will be paying $59,000 of the bill.He said the Federal Emergency Management Agency would foot the remaining $21,000.Danehy added that the other two school buildings in the district, Pearson Middle School and Batcheller School, did not sustain any damages due to Hurricane Irene.

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