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A Carl Williams Sampler

Carl Williams found Northwest Corner weather a frequent and comfortable topic. These are his observations on a couple of wet and windy events in 2011, from the Sept. 15 issue.

Rain, rain go away!

Come again some other day

Tropical storm Irene has come and gone,

Leaving huge puddles all over the lawn.

Burbling brooks became raging rivers,

With rapids to give canoers the shivers.

Salisbury was lucky, for few lost power,

Not for a week, or hardly an hour.

When it was over we cleaned up the shambles

Of fallen limbs, tree branches, and brambles.

We thought that was the end, but golly gee!

We were soon flooded by the tail end of Lee.

That storm came along with lots of rain

So we got thoroughly soaked all over again.

In September we had a six-month supply

Of all the water that came down from the sky.

That’s surely enough without any doubt.

Send the next storm to Texas, where they’re having a drought!

Corporal Doggerel (Carl Williams)


Mr. Williams frequently illustrated his verses. The art below commented on winter robins, from The Lakeville Journal’s March 24, 2011, issue.

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