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Sharon Bridge scores announced

SHARON — There were five full tables for duplicate bridge at Good Neighbors on Low Road in Sharon on Dec. 21.Five boards a round were played, or 25 boards in total. The average score was 50. For North South pairs, in first with 62 points (62 percent) were Trish Stimpson and Harry Hall; in second with 53.5 points (53.5 percent) were Catherine Brazelton and John Bevan, and in third with 52 points (52 percent) were Marguerite McGrath and her son, Brian. For East West pairs, two pairs were tied for first with 53.5 points (53.5 percent). Ann Patton played with Ruth Adams and Doris Reeves played with Rusty Chandler. In third with 50.5 points (50.5 percent) were Sue Lynch and Joan Turnure.On the last Wednesday of the year there were seven pairs ready for duplicate bridge at Good Neighbors. Using the Howell Movement, four boards a round were played with 28 boards in play. The average score was 24. Notice only 1.5 points separated the top three pairs. In first with 28 points (58.33 percent) were Trish Stimpson and Wendy Summers; in second with 27 points (56.25 percent) were Sue Lynch and Joan Turnure, and in third with 26.5 points (55.21percent) were John Bevan and Harry Hall.At the game Jan. 4, there were only seven pairs. Using the Howell movement, there was a four-board sit-out. All pairs played 28 boards and the average score was 24. In first with 27 points were Trish Stimpson and George Mason; in second with 26.5 points were Carol Magowan and Harry Hall, and in third with 26 points were Ruth Adams and Catherine Brazelton, all so close it was practically a tie.

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