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Sharon town website is hacked

SHARON — Returning to work after the New Year’s holiday break, Town Hall employees found meeting schedules and agendas missing from the town’s website, www.sharonct.org.Tina Pitcher, the selectmen’s secretary, said, “When we logged onto the website, meeting schedules and agendas had disappeared.” In place of the usual information, was a message that said “Kosova Hackers Crew.” Pitcher said that the websites of other towns were also attacked.Town Clerk Linda Amerighi said that it seemed town meeting schedules and agendas were the only data the hackers had removed from the site.In a telephone interview, Joel Minton, the town’s information technology consultant, said, “The amount of hacker defacement to the website was slight and not a big deal to repair,” he said. “The intruders were unable to take over the front page of the website or gain a foothold.”Minton said the Kosova Hackers Crew is a well-known defacement group that usually targets websites in eastern Europe. “They are mainly digital graffiti artists. They don’t destroy websites, they like to put up their own equivalent of graffiti.”Websites are controlled by content management systems, Minton said, and Sharon is in the process of updating its system. “Content management systems have to be constantly updated,” he explained.As of press time for this week’s paper, the website appeared to be restored to full operating status.

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