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Pine Plains sweeps Bomber Booster Basketball Tournament

PINE PLAINS — The Stissing Mountain Middle/High School hosted the Pine Plains Bomber Booster Basketball Tournament on Dec. 27 and 28. The tournament pitted Stissing Mountain, Webutuck, Rhinebeck and Germantown against one another. Stissing Mountain came out on top in the boys varsity, girls varsity, boys junior varsity and girls junior varsity playoffs.On Dec. 27, the teams faced off to see who would play in the championship games on Wednesday.The Rhinebeck boys varsity played against Webutuck and won 46-23. Stissing Mountain played against Germantown and won 78-58.Rhinebeck’s girls varsity beat Webutuck 43-9, and Stissing Mountain beat Germantown 50-26.The Rhinebeck boys junior varsity team went up against Webutuck and came away with a 34-26 win. Stissing Mountain played against Germantown for a 53-34 win.Rhinebeck’s girls junior varsity team earned a 27-17 win over Webutuck, and Stissing Mountain earned a 51-12 win over Germantown.During the championship games held on Wednesday, Stissing Mountain was unstoppable.The Stissing Mountain boys varsity team held on to their early lead over Rhinebeck and ended with a 55-29 win. Robert Lamont was the high scorer in the game with 15 points.The Stissing Mountain girls varsity team defeated Rhinebeck 32-21. Jordyn Funk earned 11 points for her team and secured 11 rebounds.The Stissing Mountain boys junior varsity squeaked out a win over Rhinebeck with a final score of 47-43. Trey McCleese was Stissing Mountain top scorer with 22 points.The Stissing Mountain girls junior varsity dominated Rhinebeck 53-9.Before the last championship game began, special awards were given to players and teams in the female league.The Webutuck girls varsity team received the Best Sportsmanship award.Stissing Mountain’s Jordyn Funk received the Most Valuable Player award.Five player were selected for the All Tournament Team. Those players were Stissing Mountain’s Sam Mason, Stissing Mountain’s Jordyn Funk, Germantown’s Angela Fix, Germantown’s Megan Phelan and Webutuck’s Victoria Cullinan.During the tournament’s three-point shootout on Tuesday, Stissing Mountain’s Jordyn Funk and Erica Boyles defeated Germantown, and Webutuck’s Brooke Dahoney and Allison Flinn out-shot Rhinebeck. The Stissing Mountain duo beat Webutuck during the final three-point shootout on Wednesday.After the final championship game, awards were handed out to the male players and teams.Stissing Mountain’s Robert Lamont earned the Most Valuable Player award .“Today was a great day for Pine Plains basketball,” said Brendan LoBrutto, coach of the Stissing Mountain boys varsity team. “It was nice to see so many community members and alumni support our student athletes over the course of the tournament. The holiday season in Pine Plains wouldn’t feel the same without a basketball tournament to bring people together.”

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