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BOE discusses highlights for coming year

MILLBROOK — Millbrook Central School District has begun to consult with architectsmaking improvements to its buildings, following approval of the proposal. By a vote of 294 to 244 the school facilities proposal was approved with 54.6 percent margin at the polls. That approval allows the district to make improvements to its oldest buildings as well as use donations from the community to build a new track and baseball field. In addition, there will be improvements made to the athletic fields. Superintendent of Schools Lloyd Jaeger discussed the plans at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, Dec. 19. Jaeger said the district has already taken the next steps, and begun to consult architects and engineers about the site plans. There will be a meeting among the coaches and co-athletic directors to look at the site specifications for the proposal for the athletic fields, with a question and answer session to follow. Jaeger said that’s necessary because then the specifications for the project can be completed and submitted to the State Education Department for approval. “The good news is that the State Education Department approval process is apparently down to as little as six-week terms due to the limited number of projects that are coming forward to the School Education Department at this time,” said Jaeger. “This means that with a potential full submission of all our specifications we can begin a substantial body of work in the summer with projects such as the roofing on Elm and Alden and a substantial portion of the athletic fields. This is if the approval process stays according to plan, but that is a much more ambitious and positive response to the planning cycle.”Mosaic Architect, the architecture firm consulted for the project advised the district to hire a construction manager because of the large scope and complexity of the project involving both building and site improvements. The district is looking forward to seeing the project unfold in 2012.Principals’ reportsAfter Jaeger gave his superintendent’s report, the district’s principals were asked to share highlights regarding their schools to the board. At Millbrook High School, Principal Ed Kossmann said there is going to be a continuation of the Athletic Hall of Fame, which inducted back in September. The first class of inductees had been recognized at a ceremony at the Golf and Tennis Club in Millbrook in September, and will be welcomed back to the Millbrook High School basketball game Friday, Jan. 13. A banner in honor of the first class will be hung permanently in the gym. Kossmann welcomed anyone to attend the home basketball game for the continuation on the Hall of Fame ceremony tradition. At Millbrook Middle School Principal Phyllis Amori said that through the home and career program at the middle school they were able to take students to visit Marist College in Poughkeepsie.“We are taking very seriously our role in the middle school to prepare students for high school success and beyond,” said Amori. “One mom called and said her daughter came home and it was a real eye opener for her. Her daughter told her that she really wanted to get in to honors classes. That trip made it become a real reality for her.”Amori said that this program is funded under the Millbrook Education Foundation (MEF).In Alden Place Elementary, Principal Thomas Libka told the board that through the guidance of Diane Schnoor they are working on a school newspaper as part of an enrichment program. Schnoor is a parent of an elementary school student and a teacher at the Millbrook Community Preschool. Schnoor has already begun meeting with students to work on articles and photos for the newspaper. Libka said the newspaper could come out as early as January.“I think it that is a great idea; it keeps one of our core goals in focus, which is getting students thinking outside themselves about events in the bigger world,” said Thomas Hurley, president of the Board of Education. The Board of Education meeting was the last of the 2011 school year; the next meeting will be Monday, Jan. 9, at 7:30 p.m.

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