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Faulty repair blamed for flooded middle school wing

WEBUTUCK — A recurring leak of the water main on the Webutuck campus flooded one wing of the Eugene Brooks Intermediate School on Monday, Dec. 12.Director of Facilities Mark Lounsbury called the situation a “perfect storm” because the leak happened to occur at the same time as a clog of the sump pump that normally drains any overflow.He said that while there was no real depth to the flood, it affected an entire wing of the school, including at least five classrooms and the main hallway. Lounsbury estimated the floodwaters rose approximately one-quarter of an inch — just enough to cause minor problems to the building and some of its contents.Lounsbury said there were workers in the school during the day on Sunday, and considering the state of the flood when it was discovered on Monday morning, he estimated the flood and the drain clog occurred on Sunday in the late afternoon or early evening.Lounsbury said it took from approximately 6 a.m. on Monday morning until 9:30 a.m. to finish the cleanup, which entailed using a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water and moving furniture to allow everything to dry out.Webutuck Superintendent James Gratto said that classes were moved to empty classrooms elsewhere in the building until the water was cleaned up. He said classes returned to their normal schedule by the fifth period.Lounsbury said there was little damage to the building, mostly to some carpeting.During the Board of Education (BOE) meeting later that night, President Dale Culver said there was also some damage to the wall trim and some sheetrock.Culver further explained that the flood was caused by a repair done 10 days earlier that had failed.He said that the insurance company would deal with the repairs to the building.

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