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Thanks, Bob Estabrook et al.

The Lakeville Journal’s editor and publisher emeritus Robert Estabrook’s memorial service last weekend was a time of reflection for those of us at this newspaper, hearing so much about Bob’s full and wonderful life and remembering his vast influence on those around him, including this community journalism enterprise. It is with deep gratitude that we consider his ability and willingness to help inspire William E. Little Jr. and the late A. Whitney Ellsworth to join forces with him in 1995 and create The Lakeville Journal Company out of the previous company, Hatch Newspapers. The lives of all those who have worked at The Lakeville Journal since were enriched, and much more interesting than they otherwise would have been, because of Bob’s influence.So thanks to Bob, and to all the owners of The Lakeville Journal Company since 1995, especially Little and Ellsworth, who have all believed in Bob Estabrook’s brand of community journalism. We will continue to do our level best to live up to the standards they have set for us.

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