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Turning Back the Pages - December 15

75 years ago — December 1936

SALISBURY — The Misses Alice DuBois, Ethel Matheson and Minnie Carroll motored to White Plains on Saturday and spent the day with Mrs. Harold Scutt.

Reflections of the Season (editorial): The days are getting shorter and shorter, and the nights mere nothing at the pace the world is traveling.

LIME ROCK — There will be movies at the school house on Thursday evening and on Thursday a chicken pie supper for the benefit of the school.

Harry Ablahadian has taken over the bus line previously operated by the New England Transportation Co. The line will now be known as the Shuttle Bus line and will operate between Millerton and Winsted.

50 years ago — October 1961

SHARON — A dog of mixed parentage, one that onlookers believed was Ronald Wike’s, caused great excitement in the Lover’s Lane area of town on Thursday afternoon when she got caught in a culvert under the road and was freed only when Harold Jones and Dick Murtagh of the Town Road Crew removed part of the culvert with a John Deere scoop shovel.

50 Years Ago — December 1961

Miss Christina Solan, 22, of Lakeville, was one of the heroic nurses on the ninth floor of Hartford Hospital who helped to save the lives of several terror-stricken patients when fire swept that floor last Friday afternoon killing 15 people. She miraculously escaped death by barricading herself with three patients, two visitors and a young student nurse in a room next to one where everyone perished.

SALISBURY — Little three-year-old Arthur Quinion, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Quinion of Salisbury, is confined to his home with the measles.

Mrs. Clarence Blake, the Journal’s Cornwall reporter, suffered a broken left wrist when she fell at her home on Sunday afternoon. She spent a few days at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital following the accident. The Journal sends sympathy and hopes for a quick recovery.

25 years ago — October 1986

R.B. Stiewing of Falls Village ended his year-long quest to become champion of the Skip Barber Formula Ford Race Series Eastern Championship with a stylish and successful bid in the final two rounds at Lime Rock Park Oct. 17 and 18. The 26-year-old Stiewing notched 10 wins in the 16-race series for equally prepared Formula Fords running on BF Goodrich Comp T/A street radials and scored his last victory of the year in the season’s final round.

25 Years Ago — December 1986

Robert Dwight Lawrence, now living in Great Barrington, Mass., has joined The Lakeville Journal staff as a printing sales representative. From 1974 to 1982 he headed the color separation department at the Watchtower Foundation of Brooklyn, N.Y., an international publisher of religious literature. From 1982 to 1985, he headed four-color sales and four-color stripping at Accurate Graphics in Atlanta. Lawrence and his wife, Ruth, have two children, a daughter Rael, 4, and a son, Justin, five months.

Taken from decades-old Lakeville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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